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The 2023 Chinese Taipei Zhongzheng Cup Judo Championship kicked off on November 7th! The event took place at the Pingtung County Sports Center and was jointly organised by the Pingtung County Government and the Chinese Taipei Judo Federation. The championship attracted elite athletes from across the country, with a total of 2,522 participants in 18 different categories. The county government provided the best competition environment and facilities for the tournament, allowing judo experts from all over the country to showcase their skills and techniques. The public was invited to attend and cheer for the athletes in this exciting competition.

Elementary school division. 男團金牌先鋒戰:卑南林釩宇(右)VS.新興林奕辰。Photo by 姚瑞宸

The annual Chinese Taipei Zhongzheng Cup Judo Championship is the highlight of the Chinese Taipei judo calendar and featured team competitions, individual matches, and format-based competitions. The participants were divided into various divisions based on age, rank, and gender, including social divisions, college divisions, high school divisions, junior high school divisions, and elementary school divisions. Notable male participants included Lin Jingxiang, who won a gold medal in the 60kg category at the 2023 Taipei-Asian Open, Tai Tung Junior High School’s Jian Shikai, Zhubei High School’s Lai Minyang, and last year’s Zhongzheng Cup champion Sun Liwei. On the female side, Lin Jie Xi from Tai Tung Junior High School won gold medals in both the youth and junior categories at the 2023 East Asia Youth and Junior Judo Open.

In addition, Liu Xinlei, Ma Yuchen, Bao Ruiyun, Zhou Xien, and Lu Xinjie from Fangliao Junior High School in Pingtung County were gold medalists in their respective weight classes and were the focus of attention during the competition. Judo, which combines strength and technique, emphasises values such as courtesy, respect, courage, and honour. The athletes were expected to uphold high moral standards while competing and to challenge themselves to the fullest. In recent years, Chinese Taipei judo athletes have achieved outstanding results in international competitions. Judo star Yang Yongwei, along with Lien Chen-ling, won gold medals for the Chinese Taipei team at the Asian Games, igniting a new wave of enthusiasm for judo in Chinese Taipei and inspiring more athletes to strive for glory on the world stage.

The Education Department stated that the county government was dedicated to creating a friendly environment where everyone could enjoy sports in the vision of “a secure and happy city. “The Pingtung County Sports Center provided the best facilities and environment for the athletes. Visitors, including coaches and parents from all over the country, were welcomed to experience the charm of Pingtung’s local culture, savour local cuisine, and enjoy the scenic beauty of the region while witnessing the intense competition. For those unable to attend in person, the matches could be viewed in real-time through the local cable system (Channel 129), Chunghwa Telecom MOD (Channel 215), or the live streaming channel on YouTube.

News from the Chinese Taipei Pingtung County Government

Image credit: 莊全成 / 姚瑞宸 / The Chinese Taipei Judo Federation