Photographs: The Judo Association of Hong Kong, China
The Hong Kong International Judo Tournament 2024 took place at Wu Kwai Sha Youth Village on February 24th and 25th, showcasing an array of exceptional talent. The tournament brought together judo athletes from around the world who displayed their skills, determination, and sportsmanship throughout the event.

In the male categories, Lam Yuk Ngai from Hong Kong emerged victorious in the 55kg category, impressing with his skill and determination. Yang Min Jun from Korea showcased his judo mastery in the 60kg category, securing the first prize. Ahn Hyun Woo dominated the 66kg category with his agility and technique, while Choi Seong Jun displayed his talent in the 73kg category. Heo Jeong Jae won the 81kg category, demonstrating power and precision. Ko Hor Yeong, Lee Jeong Jae, and Kim Min Jun were the respective winners in the 90kg, 100kg, and +100kg categories, showcasing their strength and expertise.

Among the female athletes, Kang Yeo Won from Korea triumphed in the 48kg category, while Baek Jiho claimed victory in the 52kg category. Yeung Nok Lam of Hong Kong impressed in the 57kg category, and Yang Jieon from Korea displayed finesse in the 63kg category. Kang Soo Min secured the first prize in the 78kg category, while Lee Hyeon Ji dominated the +78kg category.

The Hong Kong International Judo Tournament 2024 fostered a spirit of sportsmanship and friendship, bringing together athletes, coaches, and spectators in celebration of the sport.

As the tournament concluded, participants were praised for their exceptional performances and dedication to judo. The success of this year’s tournament has set the stage for future editions, with anticipation already building for the next Hong Kong International Judo Tournament.