After a three-year interruption due to factors such as the pandemic, the Taipei Asian Judo Open 2023, organised by the Chinese Taipei Judo Federation, is set to reignite the flames of competition at the Taipei Gymnasium from July 1st to 2nd. The event will feature 173 athletes from 18 countries. Over the course of two days, these athletes will compete fiercely, aiming to secure the necessary points to qualify for the Judo competition at the 2024 Paris Olympics. The importance of the Taipei Asian Judo Open has grown significantly as the drums of the Paris Olympics draw near.

Athletes from each country must accumulate Olympic points by participating in various events, such as World Championships, Grand Slam events, Grand Prix events, Continental Championships, and Open tournaments, between June 24th of the previous year and June 23rd of the following year, as specified by the International Judo Federation. The top 17 ranked athletes in each weight category will earn a spot at the Olympics, while others can obtain tickets through continental quotas. The Asian region will have ten male and ten female athletes representing them.

Winning a gold medal at the Taipei Asian Judo Open will grant athletes 100 Olympic points, while a silver medal will yield 70 points, and a bronze medal will bring 50 points. The Chinese Taipei Judo Federation will send a formidable team of 38 athletes, including 12 elite members from the Olympic training squad, to compete in the event. Having recently concluded their participation in the “Ulaanbaatar Judo Grand Slam” in Mongolia, the training squad has returned to continue their preparations. They are eager to achieve outstanding results at the Taipei Asian Judo Open and secure additional Olympic points.