The “2023 East Asian Cadets & Junior Judo Open,” organised by the Chinese Taipei Judo Federation, was held at the Taipei Gymnasium from July 4th to 5th. A total of 112 participants from four countries took part in the event, with Chinese Taipei sending 60 athletes to compete for the highest honour in the 2023 East Asian Cadets & Junior Judo Open. 

Notable athletes in the cadets category include Sun Liwei in the men’s fourth level (-81kg) and Shen Yixi in the women’s third level (-52kg). In the junior category, Lai Minyang competes in the men’s third level (-60kg), and Chen Yuling in the women’s sixth level (-63kg). Shen Yixi from Fangliao High School in Pingtung won a bronze medal at the World Cadets Judo Championships last year and won an individual gold medal at the National Games this year. Sun Liwei from Taitung Junior High School started practicing judo in the first grade of elementary school and has represented Chinese Taipei in the junior and cadets divisions multiple times. He also won a silver medal at the 2022 Asian Cadets Judo Championships.

Training for the East Asian Cadets & Junior Judo Open began at the National Sports Training Center on June 26th. When asked about the athletes’ preparation, Coach Chen Jiafeng stated, “Everything is going according to plan, and the athletes don’t have any serious injuries. If they can perform to their full potential, I believe they will achieve good results.”

During the East Asian Cadets & Junior Judo Open, Zhilin Sports Channel provided live coverage through MOD (Channel 215), cable TV (Channel 129), as well as the Chinese Taipei Judo Federation’s YouTube channel, PTS YouTube, and Zhilin Sports Channel’s YouTube channel to serve the audience.